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Ryan Landy - Portfolio

Teaser Trailer for AEROJET, an official selection at Miami Film Festival, Cannes World Film Festival and the Sweden Film Awards. Awarded for Best Cinematography at the Miami Film Festival. I served as Director, Cinematographer, Editor and Producer on this experimental documentary.

Sofa Stud

Created the "This Spill Could Have Been Prevented" viral marketing campaign for anti-spill cup holder start-up Sofa Stud, garnering over 2 million impressions.

Wildlife & Color Grading

My wildlife videography displays my talent for shot composition as well as my stylistic & wide range of color grading abilities. Most of these examples were shot in the Everglades, the mountains of Georgia, on a safari, or in conjunction with Zoo Miami.

Producer Village - Lead Camera Operator

Facilitated proper use and oversight of Camera and Audio equipment amongst all operators in addition to running lead camera and post-production color correction for upcoming reality series Pilot.

Creepypasta & Social Media Management

In 2011 I launched the Facebook page "Creepypasta" which was focused on sharing horror cinema & literature while also bringing awareness to horror media created by independent filmmakers such as myself. Within three years Creepypasta garnered over 600,000 followers across four pages beneath its umbrella. This massive presence on Facebook helped popularize Creepypastas into a staple of internet culture. At its peak, I managed over 20 volunteer content creators curating content for these pages, forming a thriving community.

Throughout this period I created viral content featured on Buzzfeed, iHeartRadio, Daily Mail, The Sun, ABC 7, Mashable, Gizmodo, MetroUK, Daily Star, Mirror, and Unilad among many other sites.

Coquito de Almodovar

Filmed and graded a "rustic" product video for up and coming beverage brand Coquito de Almodovar

My latest annual film montage I create to celebrate my favorite films of each year. My followers always look forward to it and I feel it showcases some of my editing abilities.

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