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Aerojet wins award for Best Cinematography at the 40th Miami Film Festival

Updated: May 20, 2023

On March 4th, 2023, the first short film produced by Filming at the Mouth productions premiered at the historic Miami International Film Festival, where director and cinematographer Ryan Landy was presented the achievement in "Best Cinematography" at the Florida Cinemaslam competition. Aerojet premiered to a full audience at the iconic Silverspot Cinema in Downtown Miami. Aerojet is an experimental documentary depicting the abandoned Aerojet Rocket Testing Facility, a relic of the Cuban missile crisis. Aerojet explores how humanity exploits the land beneath us, contrasted with the hell-on-earth this environmental neglect may leave in its wake.

Responding to a question at a filmmakers Q&A, the filmmaker stated "I set out to create something different, something divisive, something experimental, vague, and ambiguous. Something I knew a lot of people probably won't understand or like. It has been heartwarming to hear from those who have connected with my film. Aerojet is heavily inspired by Godfrey Reggio's KOYAANISQATSI. I'm fascinated by the film's capability to evoke ideas and emotions simply due to how the current and former images contrast. It's a stunning visual poem about our receding relationship with nature, and I wanted to explore beyond that. What could a visual poem about our destructive relationship with the environment entail? Aerojet attempts to scratch the surface."

The film screened alongside Ray Romano's directorial debut SOMEWHERE IN QUEENS, where names such as Nicolas Cage and Joe Jonas where in attendance. Aerojet is currently scheduled to screen at Fort Myers Film Festival, Cannes World Film Festival and Flamingo Film Festival in the coming months.


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